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February 24, 2007
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Bog Golem by Ravensfeld Bog Golem by Ravensfeld
Yet another product of my many misadventures running a D&D campaign. I've said it before that I play alot of Role-Playing Games but Dungeons and Dragons will always be my first love. Its what I learned on and its what I run best. This little bugger comes right from the beastiary of my home brew realm. Introducing the mighty bog Golem. I actually based the creature itself off of Anteus the Giant from Greek Mythology. Anteus was invulnerable so long as he was touching the ground so Hercules lifted him over his head and crushed him to kill him. In my world I'm not that cruel so this creature just regenerates so long as its on the ground. Still killable, just requires some hard work. Enjoy.
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Y'know, sometimes I consider that if I had to choose a super-power, I may pick controlling plant life JUST to be able to make stuff like that.
this is great! i love the skulky look it gives off! 10/10!
why do people tend to think of golems as cycloptic?
Ravensfeld Jun 14, 2009  Professional Digital Artist
Not sure honestly. I think part of it has to do with the stereotype that they're stupid lumbering hulks, and I suppose that also pushes the idea that they don't need depth perception... or I could be too lazy to draw a second eye ;).

I'll let you decide. Thanks for stopping by though.
Ravensfeld Apr 20, 2009  Professional Digital Artist
Much appreciated. :thumbsup:
A cool concept! Care to share the stats one Golemancer to another?
Ravensfeld Mar 24, 2007  Professional Digital Artist
Sure, just let me get my notes;

D&D Stats:
Huge Construct
16d10+40 HD
Speed: 20 ft.

Dex: 7
Con: _
Int: _
Wis: 11
Cha: 1

Damage Reduction 15/Fire
Weakness to Fire
Magical Immunity: (exceptions; Plant Growth *Golem gains +1 Str for every caster Lv. that is cast upon it, highest Caster only and Multiple castings do not stack)
Construct Traits; Darvision 60ft. Low-light vision
Reach: 15ft
Overhanded Strike; on a sucessful Slam Atk, the Golem damamges a 5ft. radius.
Slam Atk: 4d8+13
Earthern Regeneration: So long as the Bog Golem is on the Ground in contact with natural earth it regenerates 1 HP per Hit Die that it has each round.
Trample: 3d6 +13 on a Charge Atk, DC 19 Reflex to avoid
CR: 14

That's all I can remember off the top of my head. Hope you enjoy. (Its meant for a part of around ECL 12-14 to Fight.)

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